Malia, the wildest place to party in Crete

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Malia is popular beach destination on the Northern coast of Crete, roughly 34 kilometers from the capital city of Heraklion. It is one the favorite resort holiday locations of British travelers, and as such offers plenty of international cuisine and accommodation for travelers. There are also fascinating ruins to explore in Malia, making it a favorite place to visit for those interesting in archaeology or history.

An entire Minoan town, occupying a space of about one kilometer square, was discovered in 1915 by a Greek archaeologist. That town can now be toured and explored by visitors staying in Malia. A Minoan palace was unearthed, along with a giant central courtyard and many smaller rooms. It is possible to view their ancient workshops, sleeping, and even meeting rooms. Tools and dishes were excavated, revealing so much about their ancient civilization. Even today, there is more to uncover. Excavation is an ongoing project, but that does not mean visitors are barred from the area. Certain rooms and areas allow for free exploration, while others are cordoned off and can only be viewed from pathways above the dig site. This is certainly not a sight to be missed while in Malia.

Of course, many of the travelers to Malia simply want to relax and enjoy their time on holiday. In that case, the resort town of Malia is absolutely the ideal destination. A large white sand beach stretches along the coast, inviting sunbathers and swimmers alike to enjoy the natural beauty and warmth. The Main Strip is an area is Malia which boasts many nightclubs and bars, and often hosts popular DJs and thousands of visitors. This is certainly the area to let your hair down and party in style. Enjoy many restaurants, cafes, and shops in this area during the day as well.

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