Hersonissos in Crete

 - Crete
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Hersonissos Crete is a stunningly vibrant city that is popular amongst travelers year round. The summer climate is ideal for basking in the sun for the entire day, as it is very hot and windy. Other months throughout the year see various changes such as some rain and cold weather. Whatever your interests are, you will find something to accommodate your likings in Hersonissos Crete.

One of the main holiday attractions of Hersonissos is the pristine white sandy beaches along the coastline. Here you will find a perfect combination of tranquility, action and excitement. With quaint and quiet coves scattered throughout the beaches, one can enjoy a secluded afternoon discovering the marine life. Conversely, beach amenities are in abundance, which makes socializing with your group and other tourists very accommodating. One can find plenty of umbrellas, lounge chairs, showers and more along the beach for your convenience.

If a nice hearty physical excursion is on your list of things to do, Hersonissos beaches can accommodate you. Here you will find a variety of water sports and facilities that provide the necessary equipment to perform these sports. Take a challenging water-skiing ride on the coast or try out some jet skis. Whatever it is that gets your adrenaline pumping you will find it on the beaches here.

Venture over to the Museum of Rural Life at Piskopiano. Located just 3 kilometers south of Hersonissos, this historical wonder will bring you back many years to the time when Cretan farmers did not have modern technology. Divided in several areas, visitors can discover different ways of life back then including a carpenter’s shop and a blacksmith’s shop as well as a historic olive-oil press. Witness actual tools that were used by Cretan farmers during rural life before the new more innovative machinery was created.

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