The Cretan Diet: One of the healthiest diets in the World

Cretan diet
' traditional Cretan salad with feta rusks and tomatoes closed up' - Crete
' traditional Cretan salad with feta rusks and tomatoes closed up' NDT / Shutterstock

The island of Crete is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, in a geographical location known for its spectacular attractions, pleasant climate and pristine beaches. Its regional flavors are well-known throughout the world, which is exceptionally embodied in the Cretan diet.

Elements of a Cretan Diet

The Cretan diet exemplifies the culinary tastes and traditions of the Mediterranean. The cuisine is characterized by consumption of seasonal produce with emphasis on healthy local ingredients. Preparation is simple and uncomplicated since the food preparation process is focused on drawing out the natural delicious flavors of the ingredients.

Meat is moderately consumed in the Cretan diet, usually a few times in a month. Emphasis is usually given to naturally-derived ingredients like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy flavorful doses of fresh herbs. Seafood and poultry-based dishes may be prepared a few times a week.

Olive oil is central in the Cretan diet. This healthier alternative to animal-based cooking oil is chockfull of omega 3. Olive oil is used for cooking and as an ingredient in salad dressings. Meals are paired with wine, which are moderately consumed to enhance the flavors of the dishes. Surprisingly, bread is also a main component in every Cretan meal. However, consistent with the healthy theme of the Cretan diet, these bread rusks are deliciously soaked in olive oil or tomato during every meal.

Health Benefits

The benefits of the Cretan diet have been lauded by health and nutrition experts for its capacity to facilitate healthier food consumption. The key ingredients in the Cretan diet introduce adequate doses of anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids into the body. These essential nutrients help minimize heart-related problems and lower the incidence of bad cholesterol. Others swear by its capacity to produce results when used as a healthy eating plan for a weight loss program.