Car rentals in Crete: How and where to rent a car

Car rentals
'Sign with direction to car rental' - Crete
'Sign with direction to car rental' IJzendoorn / Shutterstock

Arrange Car Rental in Crete Using Two MethodsTraveling to Create can be made stress-free when you rent a car. Fortunately, there are nearly as many options for a car rental in Crete as there are for rentals anywhere else, and the methods for renting a vehicle reflect this. You can choose to plan ahead so that you merely have to pick up the car when you arrive in Crete, or you can wait until you get there in case your plans change. Consider the pros and cons of each option.

If you are too worried to wait until you arrive at your destination to rent a car, you can arrange the rental ahead of time. It may be difficult to get around the island before you have a vehicle, as it can be hard to take care of transportation needs in any area that is foreign to you. Worrying about the details during your vacation is not advised if you want to relax, which is why planning it out online may be best. This way, you can use a website to pick out the car you want, learn the policies of the company you choose, and then arrange pick-up from Heraklion Airport if this is where you will fly in. All that is left is paying for and driving off in your rental vehicle, stress-free.

On the other hand, making solid plans for car rental in Crete is not always possible if you expect other plans to change. Some travelers like to stay flexible, as they may want to change their travel dates, destination, or transportation plans. If you are not sure that your plans are cemented, and do not know if you will even end up needing car rental in Crete, it may be best to wait until you arrive to request a car. This way, your plans can change without you having to pay any cancellation fees.